Yuri & Luba Grekov

DESNA is honoured to work under the artistic direction of Yuri and Luba Grekov, graduates of the Virsky National Academy of Dance in Kyiv, Ukraine. In addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of Ukrainian dance, Yuri and Luba are professionally trained in international dances such as Spanish, Gypsy, Greek, Moldavian, Georgian and Mexican.

The Grekovs performed with Moscow’s GODENKO Dance Company, Kyiv’s VIRSKY National Dance Company, Ukraine’s “HOPAK” Ensemble and have toured across Europe and North America.

Upon first moving to Canada, Yuri and Luba became the artistic directors of RUSALKA Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Meanwhile, they simultaneously directed the VESNIANKA Dance Ensemble at the Thunder Bay Ukrainian institute Prosvita from 1994 to 2007. In 2003 their mutual desire to unite Ukrainian dance communities throughout the world has lead to the creation of the International Summer School of Ukrainian Dance in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Yuri and Luba teach the Virsky style of Ukrainian dance. It encompasses in-depth ethnological knowledge and conveys the spirit and richness of Ukrainian dance. Since 1999, they have been the essential source of artistic and creative vision for the DESNA Ukrainian Dance Company of Toronto.