Support Ukranian Culture in Toronto

It’s through your generosity that we can continue to ensure that Ukranian culture
remains strong in our community.

Desna Ukrainian Dance Company is a non-for-profit organization run by our volunteer Board of Directors/Executive Committee. As with any group there are many day to day operations which could use your support! With constant repairs and costume maintenance to travel and performance fees, Desna is made possible by our performances and the support of our community. Desna hosts a variety of fundraisers throughout the year including community events and performances. Please keep a look out for future events to attend that Desna will be hosting through our Facebook, Instagram and website or contact us if you would like to make a donation to Desna; the support is always appreciated!

How can you help us?

Being a non-profit organization, our continued success relies on donations from generous contributors such as yourself. Should you wish to help support our community activities you can do so by visiting Patreon (click the logo below), who we're using to simplify our collection efforts. We very much thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who have helped Desna instill love of dance in the youth we serve.

Your contributions, small and large have sent a clear message, ``youth are important, valued, and cared for members of community.`` They truly are our future and your gifts are an investment in that future.

Thank you to our community-minded supporters: